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The Creatress Collective


The Creatress Collective

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

Are you ready to step into your creative zone of genius?

I invite you to come play with us, join the journey. Live your best life, consciously and creatively.

The Creatress Collective is a courageously conscious collaborative community.


The creatress is a woman or goddess who creates, and to me she does so consciously with such love and care. And so here we are, a community of women that are here to change the world and impact the multitudes. 


I am so excited by the creative energy and empowered individuals in their flow state that are in this community. We're each traveling on a journey to live a life by design, and while that's different for each of us, we have the love and support of the collective. 

We have a passionate community.

We have a beautiful Facebook community. Where we can share all the stuff that's got us excited (with goosebumps on goosebumps), some exclusive insider info on upcoming projects and discounts.


We are the gamechangers. 

The outcasts. 

The (former) corporates.

The (former) struggling artists.

We are paving our futures, designing our destinies, and making an impact.

See you in there beautiful