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Hi! I'm Yenara a.k.a Yen Ceramics

Email me below with any questions or inquiries. 

Love and Gratitude,

xx Yen


I am a human, a creative, a ceramicist, a mentor and lover of essential oils. I graduated from a Bachelor of Design (HONS) at UNSW Art and Design in 2018. 

Growing up in country NSW, Australia, I was constantly outside exploring. Camping trips and weekends spent at the beaches ignited a love for nature. I am fascinated with Australian native plants and deep connection to landscape and place, which is often explored in my creative projects. 

I love creating unique pieces that will last a lifetime. A piece of handmade to be loved and used and become not only part of my story as a maker but a part of the daily life and rituals of the owner.

I am on a mission to help creatives step out of the "struggling artist" story and into their state of genius. To live a conscious, creative life.


The Creatress Collective

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

Are you ready to step into your creative zone of genius?

I invite you to come play with us, join the journey. Live your best life, consciously and creatively.

The creatress is a woman or goddess who creates, and to me she does so consciously with such love and care. And so here we are, a community of women that are here to change the world and impact the multitudes. 


I am so excited by the creative energy and empowered individuals in their flow state that are in this community. We're each traveling on a journey to live a life by design, and while that's different for each of us, we have the love and support of the collective.