Conscious Creation

I believe in conscious creation

So what is conscious creation?


While it might mean something slightly different to each of us, it can be summed up as mindfully creating and manifesting and creating.

If you have landed on this page, it's no coincidence. You, my friend, are an instigator of change. Your next passion project has the ability to change the world. Everything we have ever imagined is possible, because to imagine it, it has already happened somewhere in the quantum realm. The conscious creation process allows us to bring into existence the things we imagine with less stress and resistance. 

It creates a magical making experience.

And as everything is made up of energy, when we create we are in an energetic exchange with ourselves, the universe, source, God and the materials we’re using. And we can only create and call in that which we are an energetic match for. 

Which is why it's not by chance you're reading this. Here is the gateway to the offerings I have that dive deep into the conscious creation process, that can help support your confidence, your creativity, rewrite the blocks that are keeping you stuck in a state of struggle.

Choose your preferred path...

Read, listen, make and create...

Inspiration for living a happier, healthier, consciously creative life. Full of tips, recipes and more to support you in finding your flow state.


Conscious conversations all about creativity, confidence, finding your state of genius, and unpacking the paradigms that are keeping creatives in a state of struggle.

I am now offering the opportunity for you to come play with clay with me! If you have ever been curious about ceramics this is your invitation.