Kaelan The Kiln


I am now offering the opportunity for you to come play with clay with me! If you have ever been curious about ceramics or wanting to give it a go, this is your chance. 

I have limited spaces for 1:1 workshops to really hone your skills, or together we can curate a workshop for you and your besties. 

I’m so excited to share my passion for making magical things from mud with you!

Do you like to make with clay? Maybe you are wanting specifically to fire with gas?

Kaelan the Kiln is now offering firings services!

Please refer to rates below. Due to the length of time that it takes to fire, if you choose to be present for the firing, please know that packing happens the afternoon before so all pieces must be on site, and firings begin 8am sharp the following morning. 

Kiln Shelves are 500x500, please take this into account when making. All work MUST fit within this. 

1/2 Shelf - $5

1 Shelf - $11

1/2 Kiln - $55

Full Kiln - $111

For specialty firings or booking the whole kiln for a firing please contact me here

The kiln is located in the Northern Rivers, location can be provided upon request. Customers are responsible for the delivery and pick up of their work. All work must be collected within 14 days. 


Thanks for submitting!