#16 You Don’t Need A Big Social Media Following To Have A Successful Business

In this episode of The Creative Code™ podcast I dive into why you don't need a large social media following to have a successful business. So often the thinking that we need to have thousands of instagram followers in order to have success as a small business stands in the way of so many creatives even starting their creative biz. So I am here to debunk social media as a prerequisite for huge sales and success.

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Tell you something I’m tired of?

Watching me judge myself and my business based off of how much engagement I have on social media. Because it doesn’t mean shit.

Over the past couple of months I have been celebrating my creative successes (why we don’t do this more is wild to me), and it’s been amazing. I am so proud of myself and all I have achieve.


I still keep catching myself going through my Instagram analytics as if having a certain number of likes, comments, followers etc is a prerequisite for success.

It’s not.

There are many successful businesses that don’t have a single social media account, there are tonnes of businesses making hundreds of sales a week with only a small social media following, there are businesses with larger social media followings that aren’t raking in the cash.

While social media, and having an epic online community definitely helps. And as a sole trader and work from home-r helps me connect with my customers in ways I couldn’t otherwise.... it’s not everything.

We hear all the time different things about the algorithm, from what the latest updates to it are and the best ways to get followers to engage, to tips and tricks to beat it. Well I want to just share a thought… so let’s play a game of would you rather.

Would you rather 10,000 followers or $10,000 in sales?

Would you rather 500 saves or 500 people at your event?

Would you rather have followers engaging with your posts, or engaging with you in your DMs in a way that leads to sales?

Having engagement on instagram is not a bad thing, because yes it can help direct people to your creative biz. It can be part of your sales funnel. It can be a great way to meet like minded creatives. There are lots of great things about social media. But truly, it is not the be all and end all!

There are lots of other things that can do the same thing that instagram can, just in a different way. In a pre-covid, and hopefully soon in a post-covid world, in person events is a fantastic way to build community. Maybe its interacting with customers at your local markets where you sell your creations every weekend, or maybe it’s a weekly meet up that you host for fellow local creatives. Maybe you run an online course, or in person course.

Maybe you’re still a huge fan of email marketing and that instead of your IG stories, or combined with your instagram stories.

Your success is built only off two things, commitment and consistency. Plus a dash of courage.

This is for me, a reminder to myself, but also a good thing to share with you guys! Comparisonitis on social media and judging ourselves isn’t great for our self worth. So I just wanna say.. we got this!!

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