21 Truth Bombs to Celebrate Turning 21

Earlier this month I turned 21! ...Apparently I am a full-fledge adult now? I love birthdays and believe that they are a time for gratitude and reflection on how we have grown. I was blessed to spend mine surrounded by the people that mean the most to me and getting to laugh about the lessons learnt over these past 21 years.

So I thought I would share 21 truth bombs that I have learnt over these past 21 years.

  1. Life is short, do what it is that you love.

  2. Travel often. Buy a plane ticket and go somewhere you've never been, you'll learn so much about yourself and others.

  3. You are enough and beautiful just as you are. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

  4. Friends may come and go but your soul sisters are forever.

  5. Tell people you love them, life can change in an instant.

  6. Family is important, cherish them.

  7. Fuel your body with whole foods. As cliche as it is to say your body really is your temple and deserves to be nourished.

  8. If you don't enjoy the gym stop spending money on memberships. Find a form of movement you really love.

  9. Swearing is always a bad thing. Sometimes it's fucking necessary.

  10. Mama Earth should be respected. She gives us air, water, food (essential oils 😉) and should be cared for with love.

  11. Essential oils are the greatest gift of the earth that I have ever invested in.

  12. Don't be afraid of change. You're supposed to change, grow and evolve, so embrace it!

  13. It is possible to turn your passion into profit.

  14. Wealthy doesn't mean greedy. Everyone deserves financial freedom.

  15. Practice gratitude. It is such a beautiful way to start or finish your day.

  16. Mediation and affirmations are some powerful shit.

  17. Don't underestimate how important sleep is. Make sure that it's a priority.

  18. Listen to your mum and her instincts. 99% of the time she is right.

  19. Social media follower or Facebook friends don't mean shit... or change things if you happen to be a dickhead.

  20. Always make time for self-care. Recharge and fill yourself first, you can't pour from an empty cup.

  21. ALWAYS choose love over fear.




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