#7 - The Creative Code Rebirth

EEEEPPP!!!! Freaking finally! This has been a long time coming and I am so beyond excited to back!


Hello and welcome back!!

I am so grateful to have you hear and so excited to be back sharing with you guys in this space.

It's been a while!

A short break from podcasting and blogging quickly turned into a six month hiatus for me. I stepped away for the summer break and then as bushfires turned into floods and floods became the coronavirus curve, among many other just life things... it’s taken a while to come back. But here I am.

It’s actually taken me six, maybe seven, more months to return to the podcast than I initially planned. For a number of reasons at the end of January when I planned to come back to sharing episodes with you guys, something didn’t quite feel right. There was something icky, and I sat with it. Five months later and I have had time to really clarify this and to move past a few less than desirable issues that came up over the past few months. But I wont share more than that, as I do not want this new beautiful, good vibe relaunch to have any dark clouds of troubles past.

What I will share though is despite how challenging I found the journey to get here. My impatience in wanting to be back podcasting already!! But knowing that I needed to wait until the energy around it felt good and the vision was clear, before I stepped back into the ring.

And now it is.

It feels amazing.

I am here with the rebirth of this podcast, The Creative Code.

While many things from my initially podcast iteration will remain, this time, I have more fire than ever before. Because I have walked through the flames, across the coals, done the work, and am continuing to do the work. I know that the things that I will be sharing are the things I would have loved to have been told, to have known, two, three, four years ago when I was starting out.

I am here to help creatives shift from feeling insecure and lost in the creative world, to finding confidence and clarity.

I am here to help you find your creative style, something that took me until mere months ago to do. To share the stories of other creatives, because multiple perspectives and voices are needed and should be shared.

I am giving you your permission slip to do things differently. To do things your way. Fuck the rule book! Creativity shouldn’t ever be bound by rules.

The fresh title of the Creative Code is all about you finding your own code, finding your creativity, your voice, your path, your style. It’s about giving you the tangible tools and tips that you need to forge your own path, and live your life by your unique creative code. There is not one single code that works for everyone.

And I love being able to do this in a joint podcast and blog format because it makes things so accessible. It means that you will always be able to find the resources.

Here in this space we will share the stories, tips, journeys that myself and other creatives have been on to move out of a state of struggle and into being a thriving, abundant artist or creative.

This is for you if you have ever felt lost, disheartened, insecure, unsure as a creative or in your creative business.

These episodes will be all about conscious conversations on all things creativity, confidence, finding your state of genius, energy and unpacking the paradigms that are keeping creatives in a state of struggle. Here we will celebrate contradictions, embrace individuality, support you in finding your style and voice, and share conversations with friends to dive even deeper. And you will walk away from each episode with tangible tips and truth bombs, that will help you pave your own path, utilise your creative license and find your confidence as an artist.

I am here to help creatives shift from feeling insecure and lost in the creative world to find clarity and to live life by their own unique creative code.

Are you ready to dive in?

To unlock your own creative code??

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@edde.ana - Thank you so much for such a beautiful soundtrack for this podcast rebirth!


Thank you so much for devoting this time. I appreciate it like you wouldn’t believe!

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Have a beautiful day or evening, wherever you are in the world.

xx Yen


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