Are You Craving Community?

Community. Connection. Sisterhood. I asked the universe for this two years ago.


I was living in Sydney at the time, having been there two years already doing my bachelor degree in Design. I was feeling so disconnected from nature, from myself, from my community. Growing up in the country much of what I knew was inextricably connected to my relationship with mama nature. I grew up surrounded by open paddocks, green grass, ocean swims and waterfalls tucked into little patches of subtropical rainforest. Moving to Sydney meant not just leaving this, but my family and my friends.

I now maintained these deep relationships through superficial calls and social media. It was not what I wanted. This was surface level connection.

I wanted deep connection.

I craved that deep connection. But I didn’t want a community that left me feeling tied down to one place. I feel such strong resistance to putting roots down in Sydney. I had no intention of staying in the big smoke.

I wanted the kind of soulful friendships that would allow me to travel, live and work from anywhere, and still feel like I was apart of something so much bigger than myself. Friendships with others who were conscious, open-minded and on a mission to impact the multitudes.

I asked the universe.

In fact, I just about begged. Sydney had brought me to my knees. And while there were still many struggles ahead, for the past two years I have felt so welcomed, so held and supported by this incredible group of women (and men). And even when things feel so outside of my control, and I'm in a low vibe state, I know that I can turn to them, so the BFFs I have made, and they will be there. The love between us is unwavering.

Soul family. Tribe. Community. Whatever word it is that is the embodiment of this kind of connection for you. I had no idea that when I asked, the universe would deliver these beautiful women and this incredible love-filled community. A group of individuals that are truly stepping into their power, doing the inner work, creating magic, building businesses, and supporting one another like I never thought possible.

We spent this past weekend together. Sound healing and meditations, soulful dancing and an exercise that lead to a room full of 50 women in tears embracing one another. The happy kind of tears. The tears that you shed when you feel so full, whole and welcomed into a community where vulnerability is strength. The space was so safe for us to share our deepest desires and our deepest fears, and lift one another up in that.

I am so proud and grateful to be apart of this. And it’s so much bigger than any of us. It’s magic.

If you feel called to learn more about how I manifested this community, or would like to join us on our epic journey, please reach out.



PS All these stunning images are from this goddess.


Yen Ceramics acknowledges the Bundjalung Nation people as the traditional owners of the land on which we work. We acknowledge and respect all elders past, present, and emerging. We recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

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