Choosing Love Over Fear

Operating from a place of love rather than fear can at times seem hard, but the more you do it and stop listening to your inner ego, the easier it becomes and the more your life will flow with love and abundance.

It's still an ongoing struggle for me, but everyday I check myself to make sure that I am choosing love over fear every single time, and it's fast become second nature. As Melissa Ambrosini would say, I have learnt to gently close the door on my Mean Girl, and it feels so good.

Fear is kind of like the minds instinctual go to. It's constant chatter often plants seeds of doubt rather than positive affirmations saying things like "it's too hard", "you're not pretty enough" or "you'll never be successful". But none of that is true. That is the fear talking and we are all far more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. We can easily learn to choose love over fear. So instead of statements of doubt we start thinking things like "I am good enough", "I am beautiful just as I am" and "I am deserving of success".

These past few years I have chosen love over fear time and time again, even when it took a little more work to gently close the door on the negativity my ego was shouting at me. I have chosen confidence and since doing so have been more productive, felt lighter, been happier and achieved more goals than I had previously thought possible. Having a positive mindset can have significant impact in a number of areas of your life from goal setting, to our mental health. And setting our goals from a place of love rather than fear means they're in alignment with our true selves, easier to work towards and more rewarding.

Anyone can choose love over fear in any given moment. Even by choosing a mantra as simple as "I am love" or "I am deserving" to repeat when you can hear your ego getting louder and feel the self-doubt getting stronger. In everything you do just ask yourself if your doing what love would do, and if you're not, change it. Make your default reaction love.

So lovely, are you choosing to listen to love or fear? What is it that lights you up, motivates you and has you screaming "hell yeah!"? Because whatever that is, you should be listening to that! You deserve everything that the world has to offer.

xx Yen

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