Could This Be The Missing Piece?

Have you ever tried to manifest something?

Maybe you were successful, maybe you weren't. Perhaps you managed to manifest what you desired in an abstract kind of way that left you feeling underwhelmed and maybe unconvinced? Does it feel like you could be missing some pieces to the puzzle?

I have manifested a lot over the years. It’s something that I have experimented with, gained experience with, and I have learnt (and am still learning) many great things about.

For many years I wasn’t sure I was doing it right. I felt stuck. Like I was trying my best to manifest, but often wouldn’t receive what it was I was seeking. While at other times, something that I said I was after, but not actively seeking, seemed to somehow fall into my lap, like a sign from the universe.

But could this be the missing piece so many of us have been seeking?

Every thought, word, or idea we create produces an energetic vibration. When we think thoughts coming from a place of gratitude, abundance, excitement, those thoughts increase our vibration. When we think or say things coming from a place of sadness, comparison, lack, these frequencies lower our vibration. Whatever the frequency that were vibrating at, we attract more of that into our lives.

If you want to see an outcome of change, you must raise the vibrational frequency that you give off to the universe. This is why simply stating what you want to call into your life isn't enough. So while you might be thinking “wealthy”, your vibration and the feeling you might be saying to the universe “poor”. In order to become wealthy, you must feel wealthy from a high vibrational state, not just say it.

The most powerful way to do this is to alter our thoughts, beyond statements of desire and positive affirmations. I am talking changing our thought patterns at their core. While the power of positive thinking is talked about extensively by many, it can only go so far when we are wanting manifest. Hence, by changing our thought patterns we can shift our thought defaults, which can alter our emotions, and mean that we are in a higher vibrational state.

Meditation, essential oils, ceremonial cacao, grounding, and movement are also beautiful ways to raise our frequency. Creating rituals and routines each day that keep you feeling good and your frequency high, is not just a valuable tool in manifestation, but for life.

Manifestation, is an energetic game.

Your vibration matters, especially when it comes to business and intimate relationships. It matters big time.

If you want to call in your life partner, or a new business endeavour, you need our vibe to be high.

Fear, stress, greed, the thought that there is isn’t enough, all closes you down and lowers your state and blocks manifestation. Breath, giving yourself the space needed and keeping your heart open will are crucial. As you’ll then be a vibrational match to a flow of ideas, opportunities, prosperity and whatever else you are wanting to call into your life.

Additionally, if you aren’t open to receive then you won’t. You may have all your ducks lined up, be showing up and changing your thoughts and keeping your vibrational state high, but if you are still closed to receiving, you won't. We must be completely open wide to the opportunities we are trying to manifest, without a sliver of doubt.

What is it that you can change today so that tomorrow is made up of your deepest dreams and desires?

Good luck! Happy manifesting.

xx Yen


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