#12 - WHY You Need Creative Rest & HOW To Have More

Welcome back to The Creative Code Podcast! In this episode we're chatting all about creative rest and why it is so needed! Plus, HOW you can actually have more and why you shouldn't be feeling guilty about it!

Creative rest is something that isn’t talked about all that much thanks to hustle culture. Hustle culture is something that is proving to be quite detrimental to creatives and its something that I dive into the episode with Talise Burton (see below), so if you haven’t already go back and listen to that one because its a goodie!

But creative rest… In this modern age where being busy is a badge of honour and success is measured by money and material goods, were so often forgetting just how important it is to step back and rest and recalibrate. Rest is needed from a creative perspective as well as for health. Similar to how we can burn out physically and mentally, our creativity can dry up when we're pushing too hard.

Which is why I have recorded an entire episode on it!

In This Episode:

- Hustle culture and productivity guilt

- Why creative rest is important

- How rest can actually make you more creative

- Two ways to actually have more rest

- What creative rest might look like for you

Plus More!

Episode Resources:

#2 with Anna Johnson-Hill

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This is the time of year where hustle and productivity stories will thrive. We are told consistently through the media, and peers about how it’s a fantastic time to start the year off on the right foot. To set big goals, burn the midnight oil, and to start being the person we want to be by doing all the things. And for the most part much of it isn’t sustainable.

It can also lead to a lot of guilt because we’re not living up to expectations, either our own or others. But for creatives who work for their own businesses, projects and visions, the period of time between Christmas and sometime in January may be the only extended period of time you take off in a whole year. And, If this is you I encourage you to schedule more breaks, you don’t just deserve it. You need it. Meaning that this time of year is sacred. We are so switched on all the time, thinking about what’s next, coming up with ideas, nurturing our creativity.

With all these stories around productivity, it’s so easy to let them get on top of us. To fall into the trap it’s set for us to keep hustling. But really. We need rest!! And often rest is the best thing that we can actually do for our creativity.

And I do feel that the lack of rest does have a lot to do with hustle culture, and the guilt that it fosters around productivity or lack thereof. And i do talk a lot more on this with Talise Burton in episode 10 which I will link in the show notes. And so while I won’t touch on it too much, I do feel that this go go go attitude we can have around work, and the ideas that we hold around success and what success looks like can leave us burnt out. And if you’re a creative, that can be physically, mentally and/or creatively burnt out.

Especially depending on your energy type too. If you have explored Human Design you might be familiar with the different energy types and how you can work with yours to help fuel sustainable routines, make decisions and more. Or even just personality types. Not everyone is going to be a type A personality. Some of us need a little more rest than our peers. And so the comparison we make between ourselves and other creatives around productivity and success can lead to overwhelm and pressure that can leave us feeling very uncreative and burnt out.

And so creative rest is important. It is not a badge of honour to not take time off.

If you’re anything like me… well I have discovered in the past couple of weeks of a studio hiatus and attempt at a summer holiday, that I really have no idea how to rest anymore. I have no idea how to do things each day just for the joy and pleasure of it without thinking about work. The endless to do list.

I am constantly thinking about what it is that I want to do next. What projects I want to take on, jotting down ideas for various creative endeavours. I have spent the last six months or more so wrapped up in the daily grind that I have forgotten how to not do that. And so rest doesn't come naturally for me right now. But I am making a conscious effort to fill my day with things that I enjoy, and that fill my cup.

And have found that when I am chilling and quote unquote on “holiday”, because I am in a more relaxed state I often find that I will get huge creative bursts that make it challenging to actually continue the break. Depending on the creative burst I get I will pursue it for fun, because creativity should never be kept only for in your business if that’s what you do for work, creative play is incredibly important, and so I will use it that way. I will let inspiration take over and creativity run wild, but I will do it for me, for fun, for play. Other times I will keep strong in my boundaries and simply note the idea down for later. Especially if it’s something more work related. Boundaries will rest are also something that need to be maintained similar to boundaries you have around your work life, they’re both equally as important.

If you work from home like I do, you may have found the separation between work and home life a little blurry at times. So unless you take yourself physically out of that environment, the temptation to continue on with the usual day to day is quite tempting. So while travel is definitely not as simple as it was a year ago, and for some of us not even a possibility right now, creating good habits around your work space and home space are crucial to our ability to not just rest but to be able to RELAX during that period of rest. Anyone who hadn’t ever worked from home prior to 2020 may have had the realisation of how needed boundaries are.

And so creating boundaries to support rest can look like taking time off. So I encourage you to get clear on how much rest that you personally need. Maybe you need a week off every month to come back to centre, maybe you only need a week off every six months, maybe you do a four day work week, maybe you do a four hour work week. Find out what works for you and actually schedule it in. If it’s not scheduled in chances are you won’t act on it until it’s too late and you’ve hit a wall.

And then find what kind of rest serves you best. Are you in need of a week camping off-grid just being in nature. Or maybe you just need to plant yourself on the couch with Netflix and not move for a few days. Maybe you need a healthy balance of both. Maybe you just want to spend a week doing things that you love such as baking, spending time with your loved ones without distractions, or however else you enjoy spending your time. Write a list of things that you find restful. Maybe it’s just a long list of self-care practices and you spend a week working your way through them.

Figure out what works for you.

And so there you have it, a lovely short little episode on rest.

Thank you for being here and devoting this time. I appreciate it like you wouldn’t believe.

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