#14 You Don’t Always Have To Be In A Flow State To Be Making Art

In this episode of The Creative Code podcast I chat all about why you don't always have to be in a flow state to be making art. While this is a great episode for those who have creative businesses as I cover things that will support sustainable creative productivity, this episode is really for anyone that enjoys making art. Because art is not reserved for those traditionally described as artists in the old paradigm. Art and creativity is for everyone, and this episode is going to help you take that to the next level.

In This Episode:

2.20 - Creativity as a form of play and self care

2.45 - Have you ever stopped making art because you believe that art should be made when you're "in flow"?

4.00 - Allow yourself to make "bad" art

5.30 - How procrastination and perfection can affect your art making

7.00 - Why creative play is crucial and total magic

10.50 - Leaning into creative resistance

14.00 - Art expresses itself in many ways, and it's not reserved for any particular group - Why anyone can be an artist

17.00 - Where in your life are you resisting creativity?

Blog Post Version:

You don’t always have to be in a flow state to be making art.

Who else has ever stopped making art because they are frustrated as shit and feel like creation should come from a place of being “in flow” 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ I sure have. And every single time it takes me twice as long to get my creative mojo back as it would have if i had kept showing up.

Sometimes I stop making because I feel the resistance, and think “I'm not in the perfect creative flow, what I make will be shit” not realising that if I kept making through that and kept practising my craft that even in whatever "bad" work is created, there is endless possibility for it to spark ideas that could lead to one of the best things I have ever created.

Now when I talk about leaning into resistance like this I am not talking about forcing it. Just simply having the discipline to sit at my workbench and make whatever I feel like. Because creativity breeds creativity, and making is a sure way your flow state to find you when you might not be feeling it. And I'm not sure about other artists, but for me, I still such an incredible rush of excitement when my mojo comes back and the ideas are downloading, making it hard to leave the workbench I didn't want to sit at in the first place 😂

Because no one tells you how important discipline is.

And no one wants to tell you WHY it's so important.

Discipline is one of the strongest forms of self love. It’s one of the biggest driving factors behind success. It is not giving into the fear that leads to procrastination. It is no thinking that you can’t make something perfect now so why make anything at all?

It’s loving yourself enough, and valuing yourself enough, and valuing your art enough to give yourself everything you ever wanted.

Have the discipline to sit down and create, make, play, even when you are scared it’s gonna be shit. Don’t let fear trick you into procrastination.

Keep making. We need your art. We need your voice. We need your thoughts and perspectives. We want to watch you grow. We want to watch as your art flourishes and your skills up-level.

So go make something beautiful! Make something everyday. Even just a little doodle in your notebook margin. Because you don’t need to be in a flow state to make art.


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