#4 "The Language of Creation is Intention" Goal Setting and Abundance w/ Mayfair N

Mayfair Ngondonga is a speaker, author, coach and podcaster whose zone of genius lies in goal setting. Her journey is quite amazing, from studying law, to the life experiences that led to her writing her first book, to her thriving coaching business today. She is always dropping truth bombs and nuggets of wisdom on her social channels (you can find her on Instagram here), and I was fortunate enough to have her come and dive deep into some of this on the podcast!

We chat all about goal setting, from why they're important and the process of making manifest. Plus we dive into abundance and money, what to do when you feel like your goals are selfish and share so many nuggets of wisdom that will help creatives, small biz owners, and anyone really, step up their manifesting game and smash their goals.

In this episode:

2.40 - Mayfair reflects on her journey from writing her first book to the unexpected moment that led her to coaching.

7.45 - Why goal setting is so important.

9.03 - The language of creation is intention - The process of goal setting.

10.54 - The importance of our emotions and energies.

11.55 - Mayfair's 3 top tips for goal setting.

17.00 - Setting "unrealistic" goals and redefining it to support us in manifesting.

19.55 - The most common mistake that people make with goal setting.

21.47 - Abundance! And tips for creatives, small biz owners, and anyone really, for setting money related goals.

27.30 - What do do when you feel like your goal is selfish.

31.22 - How Mayfair tripled her prices OVERNIGHT!

38.22 - Visualisations, meditations, journaling, scripting, affirmations... What does Mayfair find to be the best tool to support our manifestations.

42.31 - Alignment and goals.

45.40 - The impact that Mayfair hopes to have in this world through her creations and biz.

50.04 - What does conscious creation mean to Mayfair.

51.38 - Mayfair's number tip that we can do to nurturing creativity.


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