#6 - Motherhood, Wombs and the Creative Process w/ Erica Perry

Erica Perry does not play small. She is fiercely authentic, a writer, a speaker, a total badass. Her zone of genius is all things wombs, and the way she speaks and writes her messages and shares them with the world is pure fire. There is womb reclamation, ass kickings and conscious sex sessions, and she hosts one of my all time favourite podcasts The Womb Room.

I had the pleasure to chat with Erica on all things motherhood, the creative process, the womb as a creation centre, tantra, and the impact our connection with our womb can have on our creativity. There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this episode and I simply cannot wait for you to listen!

In this episode:

3.44 - How becoming a mum has changed the direction of the things EP talks about, writes about and creates

7.16 - How the creative process have changed since become a mum.

12.08 - When EP feels most in flow to create.

14.00 - How sensuality, sexuality, and all things womb can impact our creativity.

17.33 - What it was that ignited her love for all things womb.

23.00 - What being disconnected with the womb and sitting in your masculine energy can mean and the common issues with this.

26.55 - We dive into tantra - What it is, how Erica uses it and integrates it into her work, and the positive benefits it can have for our femininity.

30.10 - Erica's top tips for connecting back with your womb.

33.04 - Erica's favourite self pleasure toy and the magic the self pleasure can bring into your life.

36.10 - The incredible offerings Erica has and how you can work with her.

41.19 - The impact that Erica hopes to have with all the offerings she is birthing into the world.

43.53 - The number one thing that Erica recommends to nurture creativity.

Episode Resources:

The Womb Room Podcast


Erica's Instagram

Yoni Pleasure Palace


Erica has very kindly given this community an incredible discount for her offerings! So if you are feeling called to explore your womb, activate your magic and embody even more of your innate creativity, I cannot recommend Erica's work enough.

To explore Wombfluent and The Initiate click here, and be sure to use the code YEN20 to receive 20% off all products.

As always, thank you so much for devoting this time. I appreciate it like you wouldn’t believe!

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