#8 - What Happens When You Invest In Your Yourself and Your Biz

In this episode I am chatting all about the energetic upgrades that comes from investing in yourself and investing in your business.

There is so much goodness in this episode!

In This Episode:

- My biggest investment in my biz, and how its made me more money

- Why investments can feel empowering

- The flow on effects of investing in your biz and your personal growth

- Why having a plan B is BS

- Why you need a vision

- Dreaming BIG and setting goals

- Why spending money is crucial, and when it's not something you should be doing

- Why making investments in your growth is almost always a good idea

- When its not a good idea to invest

- The biggest reason investing works in helping us uplevel

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Blog Version:

We often hear “you get out what you put in” but how many of us can actually say with confidence that were truly investing in our personal growth, and/or business growth and development. Dropping 1k on a car deposit, a handbag, a getaway, is something that many people wouldnt think twice about. But what about investing that one thousand into your learning, into your business? Out of those things I just mentioned, its the only one that could make you more money right? It would be a return on investment.

An energetic exchange of your paying forward the money for the learnings and the growth or the tools or whatever else you have invested in, in order to push the needle forward. Its this stuff I want to talk about today.

And this applies to you if you have a business, a personal brand, or are just looking to meet personal goals or manifest or call in some things into your life.

So recently, for the first time ever, I paid a gorgeous photographer for a personal branding shoot.

Having a photoshoot was the single most empowering experience of my life. It was such a confidence builder! And it has had a huge flow on effect.

And it is no coincidence that it was the exact same month that my income from my business doubled from what I make in the average month. Apart from materials and equipment, it was the most significant, luxe purchase I had ever made for my business.

This is my third financial year in business, and this is my first year where I already know I’m going to make a completely liveable profit. So many when I first stepped into Yen Ceramics fulltime last year after completing university, asked why I wouldn’t get another job to supplement my income, or why I continued to invest so heavily into my business and my personal growth instead of making sure that I took home adequate pay at the end of the week. And it’s because I didn’t want to have a plan B.

I have a plan A. That’s it.

And the hard work is paying off. Because although the beginning wasn’t easy at all. It has been bloody worth it. And my business affords me freedoms that I wouldn’t have in other job or career path. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

I don’t say this to glorify having your own business, or working from home. Because it takes guts. It takes determination. It takes a fuck tonne more discipline than I have most days. Its not for the faint of heart, or those who feel lost without direction.

You need a vision.

I don’t say that to scare you off or discourage you from having your own biz, not at all! But don’t ever let what biz owners share on their socials fool you into thinking that they work a few hours a day and earn 6 or 7 figures. Some may, for sure! But others, especially in the early years, work hard. And you have to love what you do, and have a driving force behind you, not just be doing it because you think it will make you rich, or that it means you can always be on holidays. It may give you financial freedom, location freedom or whatever other freedom feels good for you. But again, you have to be holding onto a vision.

I have had mine since the moment I hit submit when I applied for my ABN. And it’s taken exactly two years to go from a part time hobby as I was completing university, to a thriving business. And I won’t sugar coat it, it’s been a fucking uphill journey. Success doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s consistently dedicating yourself, investing in yourself, and backing yourself when no one else will, for that sudden realisation that you’ve actually just hit some big goals that when you set, you weren’t entirely sure that they were even a possibility.

So why am I such a big advocate for investing in yourself and your business? Because you will gain so much more, much faster, from making intelligent investments that will move the needle further and faster than if you were to go it solo.

You don’t always have to spend the big bucks to do this either. Like I said, only now am I dropping hundreds here and a few K there on larger investment (apart from when I bought Kaelan the Kiln and my wheel when I first went full time and set up my own studio). There is so much free content out there. Blogs, podcasts, even just watching IGTV or reading someone’s posts.


Chances are, you will get sooo much more out of it when there is an energetic exchange. When you actually pay the money to learn the things. In a coaching situation, you’re more likely to show up more fully, and have the coach go much deeper than if it were a free masterclass, ultimately meaning that you’re going to get much more out of it.

When it comes to the equipment. Not everything has to be instagram worthy! Think smart, buy only what you actually NEED, and get what works best, not what you think people will view as you being more successful for having. Also, pay cash where you can. Don’t overextend yourself!

It’s in having this energetic exchange. You pay money, and you receive in return. Maybe you outsource tax because you HATE doing it. Or pay for someone to take beautiful photographs for you to use on your website. Maybe you take an = course to expand your skillset. Though only make these investments if you know that it’s going to result in revenue. Don’t take the big outsourcing or hiring leaps if you just want more time on your hands, think ot makes you look more successful, or you just want to not have to do the one thing that you dont like and often avoid. In a small business, this is one of the biggest energetic exchanges you can make, so just make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons with the right preparation.

It's in taking those leaps that launch us from our comfort zone often before we are ready and learning, and growing, that we often have our biggest breakthroughs. The AHA moments that have us going “holy shit, I can really do it”. And this is one of the reasons why I never had a plan B.

Some people thrive if they know that there is a fallback, but be sure that it’s not too developed, because more often than not, you will automatically fall into the trap that you have set yourself.


Set goals and invest into your plan A. Remove your plan B safety net (within limits, think smart!). Invest in your growth, both personal and in your business. And then KEEP investing. Because the growth doesn’t stop when you are hitting your financial goals in your business. Or when you hit 10k followers on instagram. Or whatever other big goals you have set. And if you haven’t set any, what the fuck are you doing?! Set some. (Listen to episode #4 of the podcast if you need a little guidance here).

Your growth doesn’t stop.


Because every time you invest, you’ll probably be finding you invest a little more money. Each time you have that energetic exchange, chances are you’ll have an energetic upgrade, even if there are a few growing pains (more on that another time). Every time you hit that next big goal. Every time that you break through the glass ceiling. It’s just another level. Keep going. You can do this! And don’t ever let anyone trick you into believing that you can’t! That’s why so many creatives get asked if they have a plan B if their creative business doesn’t work out. They’re waiting to see if you’re just “another struggling/starving artist”.

What a bloody outdated, overdone paradigm.

You can be a thriving artist. You can be an abundant creative. The key? Invest in your personal growth and your business growth, and do it wisely. Get clear, get out of your own way, and follow your own path. You got this!

xx Yen


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