I Don't Believe In New Years Resolutions

I don't believe in New Years resolutions.

Quite the statement really. But I promise, I have a good reason.

At this time of year we find ourselves reflecting on the year that was and talking about what we want to do with the year ahead. And we all have that one friend (and be real, you have probably done it too), that makes a very bold statement about a goal they have that leaves everyone saying "yeah right" and rolling their eyes. It's usually something that have always said they would like to do, to achieve, but never actually make a start on. So while it's a beautiful time of year to reflect and to set goals, making huge blanket statements and falling into the trap of "New Year, new me" is not something I am into. At all.

There are many times throughout the year when we can start anew. Whether you follow the cycle of the moon and use the new moon each month as a time to reflect and refresh. Or whether its the start of a new month or a new week. But we often find ourselves caught up and waiting for the perfect time to make that fresh start. We don't need to wait for the 1st of January. There really is no better time than right now, and sometimes waiting for that new week, new month, new year can sometimes just be you delaying making the necessary changes to your life that you want or need.

What I do believe in is setting yourself up for achievable (and enjoyable!) goals and lifestyle changes. If you prefer to work with the cycles of months, moons, seasons and even the New Year, that is ok. But be sure to use it to your advantage and not as a way to make excuses for not starting. So as you sit down this January to do your intention setting, vision boards, ceremony, oracle cards, meditation, manifesting, goal setting, or whatever it is you do, make sure that you're setting yourself up to achieve the things you want.

Shift your focus towards manageable and achievable goals. Maybe this means that you have one big goal but many smaller steps and goals that lead up to it. So then all year you have that satisfying feeling of being able to see that you're working towards something and still being rewarded. And don't forget to think long term, as many of us over estimate what we can achieve in a year, but underestimate what we can achieve in a decade.

I also love to choose a word that I want to carry with me through the whole year. I suppose it's like setting the tone or the theme. Last year, it was adventure. This year my word is alignment. 2018 was winding, chaotic, rewarding, and full of adventure. But this year I want to find my centre. I want to do the things that fill me up, leave me beaming and full of light and love. When things are in alignment, and you're in your truth, things flow. When things flow, it feels good. So do you have a word for 2019?

A hack to help you manifest these goals, alongside having a vision board, is to use "I am" statements. Repeat these like mantras. Don't simply ask the universe that you would like something, tell the universe that you're serious and you truly believe that you already are achieving those goals. (** You can read more about manifestations and 'I am' statements here)

So to help with finding your word, your goals, the things you want to manifest into your life during 2019, below are some questions to ask yourself. And seriously answer them. Sit with them, see whats true for you, really true. Because true joy comes from our truth, not what others (or even ourselves sometimes) think is true for us.

What excites me the most that I'm not making time or space to do right now?

If I didn't know what I believed, what would be true to be today?

What would I do or say if my nervous systems was fully calm, and I was operating from my most peaceful state?

What am I worrying about now that doesn't f**king matter?

What do I really value?

Above all else, do what works for you. It might look very different to what those around you do, but if it's not true to you, it's not gonna work!

... and go. Make magic, because you're bloody beautiful my friend. You got this.

xx Yen


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