Life Changing Books For Your Summer Reading List

Each New Years many people take on the whole "new year, new me" thing, setting crazy resolutions that set them up to fail. Waiting around for the new year to make changes to your lifestyle is like not changing your eating habits because its Wednesday and you want to start Monday fresh.

So this year I kept it simple for myself, I decided on a theme word for what I wanted 2018 to be; adventure. And sat myself down to a pile of books to enjoyer my break. I wanted these books to be enjoyable, to make me laugh, while also challenging my thinking. Each one helping me jump into 2018 with a realistic plan rather than feeling like I had jumped in with two feet screaming "Look Mum, no hands!".

So I thought I would share these books with you, because they're pretty epic!

1. Get Your Sh*t Together

Sarah Knight takes a no bullshit approach to guiding you to live your best life. Knight describes it as a "let-me-help-you-help-youself-help book", and if you're wanting to laugh outlaid while doing so, this one is for you!

2. The Barefoot Investor

Scott Pape is well known within the Aussie finance industry and describes himself as fiercely independent. His book should be compulsory reading in every high school across Australia as he takes the very Aussie approach to talking about money and how you can get financial freedom and not have to stress about money ever again.

3. Open Wide

Melissa Ambrosini is the best selling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl and has outdone herself with her latest release. While the primary audience is women, this book is for anyone wanting to deepen their relationships, find their soul sisters or soul mate, and have the most mind-blowing soulful sex of their life. A life changing read!

4. Big Magic

Whether your describe yourself as a creative or not, this book should also be compulsory reading! Elizabeth Gilbert shares her wisdom about what creativity is, challenges us to be inquisitive and to embrace what it is we love. This six part book will give your creativity courage and help you transcend fear.

5. The Power of Now

This international bestseller from Eckhart Tolle is highly talked about in the health and wellness communities, with a wonderfully modern take on spirituality. It brings us out of the "what if" and back to the present, exploring authentic human power and spiritual enlightenment, The Power of Now can transform how your thinking.

Happy reading!




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