More Favourite DIY Christmas Gift Ideas On a Budget

Christmas can be crazy, probably why it's often called the silly season. In my family, if we do decide to do a little gift giving, were really big on the thought put in over any money spent. So I thought that I would share some of my favourite recipes for DIY gifts I have found over the years to keep things cheap, simple, and even better, something that really personal for the person in mind! Handmade and homemade gives it a little something extra don't you think?

So if you haven't already read my previous blog post on DIY recipes for the beauty queens, you can read that here. But these ones below are perfect for stocking fillers, for the worlds best mum, the awkward aunt you only ever see at Christmas... and everyone in between.

1. The DIY Salt Diffuser Kit


Small bowl/dish (my moon bowl is perfect! Shop here)

Himalayan salt rocks

Essential Oil/s of choice (I love Frankincense)

Small 1-2ml Sample Bottles (You can buy those here)

Small ziplock Bag

A small linen gift bag


- Pour about about 2 tablespoons of salt into the small ziplock bag.

- Drop chosen essential oil/s into the 1ml sample bottle.

- Place the salt, small bowl and essential oil into your chosen gift bag. Decorating with ribbon, or a gift tag optional!

- To use the gift (which can be written on a card for the receiver) place about 1 tablespoon of salt in the dish and drop 3-8 drops of essential oil over the salt. Reapply oil when needed and simply change the salt when you want a new scent!

2. Beeswax Covers

A great stocking filler or gift for your environmentally conscious bestie. This one is super fun to make with friends with old fabric offcuts! These beeswax covers make a great alternative to cling wrap for covering food.


10-15g beeswax pellets

Tight weave cotton of choice

Pinking shears

Baking paper

Iron and ironing board

Old towel


- Wash, dry and iron your chosen fabric.

- Use the pinking shears to cut out fabric (small - 20x20cm, medium - 25x25cm, large - 30x30cm).

- Preheat your iron

- Place the old towel over the ironing board (this protects it!)

- Place baking paper down, making sure its larger than the piece of fabric.

- Place fabric on top of baking paper and add the wax.

- Iron the wax into the entire piece of fabric (add more wax if necessary).

- Allow to cool.

- Fold up, and tie together with a ribbon and name tag, no need to wrap as your fabric will be too pretty to cover up!

3. Upcycled Essential Oil Bottles

If you use essential oils like me, you could have dozens and dozens of bottles lying around that are close to empty but just not quite there. One of my favourite ways to utilise these is to make DIY diffuser bottles from them!


Almost empty essential oil bottle/s (try to find ones that still have 10-20 drops of oil left)

5 bamboo skewers or diffuser reeds


Vodka or Fractionated coconut oil (vodka won’t leave a greasy mess if it does get knocked over however some say vodka will evaporate more quickly than something totally oil-based, so take your pick)


- Pop the plastic stopper out of the bottle.

- Check the height of the skewers against the outside of the bottle, and cut shorter if necessary.

- If you're using an oil base, use a mixture of roughly 3/4 oil to 1/4 water. If you're using vodka then fill with water and add only a splash of vodka.

- Put the lid back on the bottle and give it a good shake.

- Find some beautiful ribbon and tie the reeds together, then tie it all together with a neat little bow. Or if you choose you can wrap it all up with a gift tag.

And voila!

So there you have it! Three simple, cost effective and quick to make DIY gifts. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog though, there are still many more amazing DIY ideas and other amazing posts to come this silly season.

Happy making!

xx Yen


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