Sex-ational - Essential Oils in the Bedroom

Essential oils have a long standing history of being used for perfumes, massage oils and to make our house smell nice, but can we utilise that in order to give our libido a little boost? Can we take these epic gifts mama nature provided in order to spice things up in the bedroom?

Short answer, yes!

But how?

Us humans have been using essential oils to increase sensuality and libido for thousands of years.  The idea of using essential oils for sensuality and an increased interest and enjoyment of sex is nothing new. As human beings, we’re strongly impacted by fragrance and aroma. Our limbic system is located at the back of our brain and it’s associated with memory, emotion, and learning. So it's no surprise that oils can help us get in the mood (wink, wink).

I have learnt a lot about essential oils over the past couple of years, so I want to share the sexiest of secrets that I have discovered when it comes to essential oils.

Before I jump straight into talking about essential oils for sex, let’s first acknowledge that the path to embracing and enjoying our sexuality as women can be very difficult to navigate. While times are changing, sometimes we can still find ourselves caging up the sensual woman inside us, not willing to fully embrace our sexuality. This can be due to many things, cultural conditioning, self-esteem, fear, trauma... So the first sexy oil I want to talk about is one that will help our inner sex goddesses emerge from her shell.


Jasmine essential oil is often referred to as the oil of sexual purity and balance. It nurtures a healthy sexuality and helps to balance out our sexual natures. It has been known to cultivate positive experiences with intimacy while asking individuals to honour and respect themselves and others. Which is what we want! It's best used as a perfume or defused in the room (I personally love my Jasmine roller, I can take it with me anywhere with me!). It's the best one to reach for if you are needing to move through or shift any fear or resistance around sexual experiences, or would like to promote feelings of safety and trust. It also enhances mood and energy, making it particularly good for women.

What other oils are total winners between the sheet though? Next, Sandalwood.

This essential oil promotes emotional openness. It's sweet, woody aroma is rather exotic and who doesn't love the sound of that! It's quite a spiritual oil, teaching us humility and devotion, and it's supporting of emotional balance, muscles, bones, and the nervous system. It makes it a wonderful companion oil to the other sex bomb oils. And is perfect for the spiritually enlightened couples.

Number 3? Ylang Ylang.

Ylang Ylang is a beautiful floral scent, which increases sexual desire and energy, encourages attraction and supports the circulatory system. This is one of the most powerful essential oil aphrodisiacs. And probably the best known. Ylang Ylang is a powerful remedy for the heart, encouraging playfulness, which makes it a great oil if you're looking to bring a mix of emotional connection and creativity into the bedroom. Use this oil on your heart chakra as a daily perfume or add it to your diffuser in the bedroom to create a sensual and sexual space.

Even better? Clary Sage.

Clary Sage is the oil of "clarity and vision", and when being used as for aphrodisiac purposes, it works by affecting our hormones. One of the causes for low libido can be out of balanced hormones, and this is one natural way to help bring all those things back into balance. Clary sage is powerful in regulating hormones, and great support during women's cycles. But in the bedroom it helps by supporting healthy sexual desire by decreasing inhibitions, arousing emotions and boosting libido. Dilute and rub over your womb, or add a few drops to the diffuser.

Other essential oils that are great in the bedroom include rose, geranium, black pepper, cinnamon and patchouli.

Of course, it is worth keeping in mind that different scents will appeal to different individuals. So choose the ones that have you feeling like a total goddess and wanting to drop your knickers for your significant other (or for yourself! Let's not forget how important self love and pleasure is!).

Whilst some can't go past the floral oils, others are energised by the spices and more masculine oils for the incredible men out there include sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver.

So what are the best ways to introduce the oils into the bedroom?

1. Aromatically, using a diffuser. The subtlest and easiest of them all, add a few drops of your selected oil/s and let the beautiful aromas drift through the bedroom.

2. Topically, as a therapeutic massage. Step up the romantic side to foreplay with some aphrodisiac oils in some coconut or sweet almond oil.

3. On your sheets, adding only a few drops. Your bedding will have never been sexier.

4. In the bath! Adding only a few drops it can help create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. Keep it to the floral oils (never the spices, your privates would not forgive you quickly), and enjoy some sexy downtime.

So tonight, put some tunes on, and create an intimate, sensual experience with your essential oils. 

xx Yen

*Always remember to dilute the oils appropriately, and be careful as to where you use spicey oils topically.

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