The Clay I Can't Stop Obsessing Over

One of the things I love most about what I do is getting to try all the amazing clay bodies and experiment with glazes. Only recently I have found myself buying more of one specific clay than any other, Keanes Stoneware 33.

A high fire, iron rich, stoneware, this clay is a great all rounder. Not only is a nice to hand-build with, its fantastic on the wheel. I have been loving experimenting with this clay and have been obsessed with testing all sorts of new glazes on it in both oxidation and reduction firings.

When raw its a beautiful orange-red, and then after bisque will often turn a pinkish colour. However its when it goes in for the high firing that the clay really shows what it can do. While it still has some beautiful qualities after an oxidation firing, keeping a pinkish hue and having some of the iron show through. However the clay is definitely at its best after a gas reduction firing.

After a reduction firing the iron in the clay shows through creating beautiful speckles. As seen below, its wonderfully complemented by blue hued glazes, and I am definitely looking forward to making more domestic ware using this incredible clay over the coming months!

So keep your eyes peeled on the store and on my Instagram so you can be one of the first to hear any new announcements.




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