The Law of Attraction

Have you ever watched the film 'The Secret'?


If you have watched 'The Secret' chances are you already have a pretty good idea of what the Law of Attraction is, how it works and what it can mean to be tapping into it. It can be pretty bloody life changing!

I was told time and time again to watch that film. For a long while I resisted it, perhaps I was ready to hear the message and implement it. So eventually when I did watch it, my mind started ticking over. Then, I watched it again.

And again.

And then again. And I had one of the most significant 'a-ha' moments of my life.

It's quite common these days to hear lots of people saying how "our thoughts create our reality" and "you can manifest anything you want", among many other similar statements. And for many of us, we can go "yeah, yeah, I hear you", until one day we have the light bulb moment and suddenly find ourselves going "oh my goodness, I get you".

So what exactly is the law of attraction?

Put simply, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever it is that we are focusing on. In other words, every thought we have sends a message or signal to the universe, to source, to god, to whatever it is you prefer to call it.

We are all governed by the same universal laws. Gravity, might be the most obvious. But one of those laws is the Law of Attraction. The power of the mind to materialise whatever is in our thoughts.

So if you are in a low vibe state, or saying "I don't want more of XYZ", or "I don't want X", because you're thinking about it, the universe will deliver. It doesn't recognise good over bad, what you do versus what you don't want. It just knows what it is that you're focusing on. So if you're focusing on the negative, the doom and gloom and what it is that you're not wanting, you remain under that cloud. But if you're focusing on the positive, the goals you have, the things that you're already grateful for, you will attract more of that into your life.

That being said, being in a high vibrational, positive, and grateful state, is far more powerful!

This is why the universe is such an infinitely magical place, as the Law of Attraction dictates that whatever can be imagined is achievable. Provided that you take consistent, intentional action. It's not a simple matter of "I want to earn a million dollars this year" and then sitting watching Netflix and waiting, but saying "I want to earn a million dollars this year" and then putting yourself out there, stepping up at work, starting your business, going for whatever it is you want that could get you there.

What Do I Need to Know?

The most important thing that you can know is that thoughts become things.

So if you're using your time and energy to create positive, happy, beneficial and healing thoughts, you'll attract more of that into your life. If you're walking about all doom and gloom, guess what you'll get? And we don't want that!

The universe as far as the Law of Attraction is concerned, is an infinite resource, and we're all worthy of abundance. And the universe is constantly working to give you whatever it is you're thinking about.

So before we can begin to manifest all we could ever desire, the first thing we must acknowledge is our feelings. What I see as the key to applying the Law of Attraction successfully is how we feel. So if we're feeling all the high vibes and working to maintain positive outlooks and feelings, the workings of the universe will be far more in our favour in attracting the things we want. Rather than if we allow negativity to run the game, which often leads to outcomes we don't want.


How Do I Get Started?

The fundamentals of utilising the Law of Attraction comes down to 3 simple steps.

1. Ask

2. Believe

3. Receive

Asking is simple. We often hear "ask and you shall receive". It it truly as simple as that. Ask the universe for what it is that you want. Out loud is always far more powerful, but perhaps you have a mantra, incantation or affirmation that you repeat to yourself internally throughout your day of what it is that you want to call into your life.

Be conscious to make your statements concise and precise. Do not add all the reasons why you cannot have it, or let yourself think after doing the incantation "Oh, I could never have that" or "I could never achieve that". Remember, the universe sees what you are thinking about, not wether or not you desire it.

When it comes to believing, this can be a little more challenging. Because it means believing with every single cell in your body that you already have what it is that you're asking for. It calls for us to visualise what it is you want. Guided visualisation meditations are gold when it comes to this, as are vision boards and keeping a gratitude journal.

Of course though, we're being called to take action during this step. If you are solely thinking of something, but not acting on it, you will not get there. Taking action tells the universe that you are hella serious about this. That it's not a wish on a whim, that you are all in and committed to this. Take inspired action, not "oh I could do it this way, but I wouldn't enjoy it", you're not on the right track. It's taking steps that feel good to get you to your goal. And in doing so, talk about it. Share what it is with loved ones, get clear on the numbers and don't be afraid to share that. It shows the universe that you're not doubting yourself.

If you're unclear or unsure, the Universe will get an unclear frequency and will send you unwanted results. We need to have unwavering faith.

The final step, is to receive. And for some, this is the hardest. Not so much in the fact that it's hard, but there are often negative connotations attached to the act of receiving that get inside our head and cockblock us, so to say.

We have to be open to receiving. And doing this does not make us selfish, or greedy. You are worthy of receiving everything you desire.

Because when we get, we can give.

We are able to consciously give back to our communities in ways that would have never been possible before when we're open to receiving more ourselves, that allows us then to be filled up ourselves. Like the saying "You can't pour from an empty cup", you cannot live a generous life if your own means are not met.

And finally, don't forget to have fun with it!

Okay loves, hope this post has been inspiring and insightful. I would be so thrilled to hear from you all regarding any of your visualisations or manifestations. Know that you deserve everything that is wonderful and beneficial in your life and you have all of the power you need to make these visions a reality.

Xx Yen


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