The Spiritual Bypasses Holding You Back

The other week I shared on my Instagram some thoughts on Spiritual Bypasses. It’s a topic I have been diving into recently and it’s been really resonating with me on my current journey. So I thought I would share some of these discoveries with you.

Spiritual bypassing is a very persistent shadow of spirituality, manifesting in many forms, often without being acknowledged.  ~ R. Augustus

When we think of spirituality we often think beautiful temples, ethereal instruments, the faces of enlightened masters, angels, mountain ranges, sunsets, or any number of other dazzling images. We have a tendency to associate spirituality with the transcendental, heightened states of being that are invariably associated with the feelings of happiness and deep inner peace.

While of course all this can be true, we often avoid the dark more painful aspects of the spiritual pass. Which is where the 'spiritual bypass' comes in. The tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks.

In other words, we're avoiding or escaping from challenges we may be facing. Choosing to complete a simpler, "easier" spiritual task or to side step actually looking at the root cause or the thing that is blocking us from reaching the next level.

The most common one that I have used is the quick switch of negative to positive. Instead of asking myself the hard questions, journaling and meditating on why certain negative self talk keeps popping up for me I instead quickly switch whatever negative thought I have been having to a positive and repeat it over and over like a mantra until I trick my conscious into thinking that it's true.

"I can't afford it" quickly turns into "Abundance flows in all areas of my life".

The issue with this trick? While it can be extremely useful when used appropriately, what seems to happen more often than not is it only creates a bandaid. It tricks your consciousness for a time, but does not actually address the belief written into your subconscious mind that has you thinking the negative thought in the first place.

Why can this spiritual bypass stop us from upleveling though? Because your conscious and subconscious are at odds with one another, and when there is this conflict, you can't create the space to continue on your journey to your higher self with ease and grace.

It is this reason exactly that I am so passionate about NLP. Using techniques such as NLP and Hypnosis can support our journeys by uncovering, shifting and rewriting the blocks that are popping up for us and standing in our way.

Shadow work is no easy work. But it's bloody worth it!!

To learn more, watch the video or shoot me an email to have a chat about my journey and what I can offer to help support you on your own journey.

xx Yen


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