What The Actual Hell Is Going On?

Hello! It's been a while!

A short break from podcasting and blogging has quickly turned into a six month hiatus as the summer break and bushfires turned into floods and floods became the coronavirus curve. But here I am.

The world is a little wild at the moment.

Ok, very wild at the moment.

The decision to social distance, self isolate or quarantine has being made by many, and in a lot of cases its not so much been a choice but a government lockdown. I have seen many show the beauty in humanity and do their part during this time and often not because they fear for themselves, but because they know that it will help neighbours and loved ones. It's been a very interesting time to say the least.

However, during this time we have the unique opportunity to take the space to tap into our creativity in ways that maybe we haven't for a while. A night out wining and dining with friends can be swapped out for a night in with some paints and a canvas. Or a Saturday night watching music can be traded for singing along at home to your favourite artist. 

You're not missing out by staying in, but giving yourself the opportunity to spend time with me. To hone the creative skill that you have been dabbling with. To ignite your passion once again. To learn something new. Write the book, channel the poem, sing the songs, dance until your heart is so full it might burst. Connect by reconnecting with your creativity. Do not force it, but embrace it.

This being said though, this doesn't mean that you have to be doing anything. For some of us it's a much needed break from the rat race and a time to give our creative brains a rest. While creativity is a muscle and the more you use it the stronger it gets, it also can become fatigued. Ideas don't flow, things feel strained, stress becomes overwhelming and all too quickly the never ending stream of creativity dries up.

So whether you're beyond excited to have some time to embrace your creativity or taking a well deserved break to binge watch the latest show on Netflix, there is one thing that is more important than ever in this new world: supporting your local artists and small businesses.

Many of us have been hit hard already by the economical impact of COVID-19, while others are waiting for the other shoe to drop. So while you're at home nurturing your creativity in the way that feels truest for you, if you can spare a couple of minutes to support your local creatives, I'm sure that it would mean the world to them! Because I know that it means the world to me.

While of course purchasing work from your favourite artist is an amazing thing to do, if the current climate has things feeling a little tight, there are a number of ways that you can support me and other creatives during this time:

1. share their website or facebook page with your loved ones

2. leave a testimonial

3. send them a kind message of love and support

4. like, follow, comment on social media

And if it's a service based business that can't operate online for whatever reason (who else has been doing so many ZOOM calls that they actually can't wait to never use the app again?), then buying a gift certificate to use later is also an awesome idea!

In the meantime please take care of yourself, check in with loved ones, and take appropriate precautions. And above all keep calm!

xx Yen

P.S The Conscious Creative will be back soon! After a Christmas holiday break turned into a six month hiatus without any intention for it do so, I am more excited than ever to bring back your weekly dose of creative inspiration. If you have any guests you would love to have on the show or topics that you would like me to chat about, shoot me an email.


Yen Ceramics acknowledges the Bundjalung Nation people as the traditional owners of the land on which we work. We acknowledge and respect all elders past, present, and emerging. We recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

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