You can be a Manifesting Master

Life is full of the most amazing opportunities. There are jobs that we will have in the future that still haven't even been thought of, we have the ability to work from anywhere in the world because of the Internet and following your passion isn't just a dream anymore.

Growing up I have always said to myself "I would rather be broke and doing what I love than making millions in a job I hate". But it doesn't have to be like that. You can have abundance and do what it is that you love. Life is about embracing all that it is that we are, giving and receiving love and achieving our dreams. And the only thing stopping you, is you.

I first heard about manifestation a couple of years ago and thought, yeah right. But fast forward and now I am a firm believer that we truly can manifest our goals. By clearly setting out goals and intentions and using the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction, we can create abundance and manifest our dreams.

Since starting to manifest and experiment with the law of attraction, I have found that starting with a really clear goal is key. I like to have two or three short term goals and two or three long term goals. I write them down, as specifically as possible, including the dates I wish to achieve them by. The more detailed the better! Let the universe know that this is exactly what you want. Then stick it up on your vision board, on your fridge, somewhere that you will look at it and read it everyday.

My pro-tip? Meditate on it! Not everyone is interested in meditation (you should still try it, it's awesome) but if you are, then make a mantra related to your goal that you can use. Or visualise what it looks and feels like to have reached your goal.

Of course you can't just sit and dream. You will need to take action in order to achieve those goals. For example you can't say "I want to achieve the perfect crystalline glaze by the 31st of December" and hope that some cases magically appear. You will need to go into the studio and put in some time and effort and do glaze tests. You will always get out what you put in. But by manifesting while you're taking your actions to the next level and can fast track success.

So what is it that you want to achieve?




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